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Hadith 2-Books Malaysia

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Hadith 2-Books Malaysia

Study Bulughul Maram and Artikel Tentang Hadith books Translated in Malaysian Language on your Android phones. With built in text customization features. User can send or share any Hadith or part of any Hadith in Malaysian to his / her friends through many social sites like Facebook and twitter.

Kajian Bulughul Maram and Artikel Tentang hadith buku Terjemahan dalam Bahasa Malaysia pada peranti Android anda. Dengan ciri-ciri penyesuaian teks. Anda boleh menghantar / berkongsi hadith apa-apa kepada kawan-kawan anda melalui laman web sosial seperti Facebook dan Twitter. dengan penanda buku dan goto pilihan.
These are the Hadith Books for Muslims in Malay Language with simple but stylish layout. Useful Features are built to provide the maximum ease of use of this App.

Following Books Are Added In This App:

  •  Bulughul Maram
  •  Artikel Tentang Hadith

Key Features of This App Are:

  •  Multiple books are added in this version for user's choice.
  •  Stylish but user friendly interface is designed.
  •  User can select any Hadith to open by few touches.
  •  Text size and color customization features are built.
  •  Can save the favorite Hadiths list by bookmark feature.
  •  Can send or share any part of text of any Hadith to your friends.
  •  User can adjust the size of text by pinch zoom (Finger Gesture).
  •  Can flip the pages by touch.
  •  Can clear the saved bookmarks or delete any one.
  •  Can display next or previous pages with buttons on the screen.
  •  Go To (Jump To, Start From) feature is added to navigate easily on any page of the opened Hadith.

How To Use:

  •  Run "Hadith Malay" App from Applications.
  •  Select any Hadith book from the main window.
  •  Select any chapter to open.
  •  Can turn the pages by flipping on the screen left/right.
  •  Pinch/Finger Gesture on the screen to zoom in/out the text.
  •  Press share button, if you want to share with friends.
  •  Tap on bookmark icon to add the opened page in the favorite list.
  •  In Settings, you can change the text color and size.
  •  Tap on "Clear All Bookmarks" to delete all the saved bookmarks.


This app comes with In App Billing, it may contain ads. You can upgrade for full data and ads free.
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